UVC Fixed Mount "Package"

Since the early 1970s American Ultraviolet® has provided healthcare professionals with 1,000+ effective ultraviolet germicidal UVC Fixed Mount packages that are available 24/7/365. The ultraviolet lights help:

  • Reduce microorganisms in the healthcare environment
  • Improve Terminal Cleaning
  • Protect Patients & Staff
  • Minimize Staff and Labor (no additional personnel necessary to operate package)

The unique Fixed Mount Package uses permanently placed UVC fixtures, including a user-friendly touch screen controller, to provide more thorough whole room disinfection than mobile devices operating for the same amount of time  - the Fixed Mount Package can disinfect rooms in less than 10 minutes.

The upgraded "intelligent" Fixed Mount Packages from American Ultraviolet now include:

  • Data logging
  • Lighted "UV in Use" warning signs
  • A fully automated touchscreen controller
  • Disinfection and Procedure mode settings
  • An automated daily cycle setting

Designed to be used during Orthopedic procedures, and as an adjunct method to improve terminal cleaning before or after any procedure, the new, more "intelligent" Fixed Mount Package can be operated by existing EVS staff, so no additional staff is necessary, and no additional time will be lost trying to locate and move a mobile device to the room.

Fixed Mount Package Components

All American Ultraviolet UVC Fixed Mount Package fixtures include motion and heat sensors, on-board lamp intensity monitors, high-efficiency electronic transformers, and 12,000-hour UVC lamps.

10" Touchscreen Controller

The CCU is the brain of the American Ultraviolet Fixed Mount Package.

  • Constantly communicates with all UV germicidal fixtures
  • Built-in safety features
  • Procedure and disinfection modes
    • Procedure mode
      • Used during orthopedic surgery
      • Reduced intensity; untimed cycle
      • Reduces microbial load in air and on surfaces
    • Disinfection mode
      • Used before and/or after procedures
      • Full intensity; timed cycle
      • Can run daily preprogrammed cycle
  • All cycle data is saved to the onboard hard drive and is available for staff review. Data can also be downloaded via the USB port on the bottom of the CCU. The Intelligent controller records:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Case ID #
    • Cycle type
    • UVC intensity levels
    • Fixture functionality
    • System performance data

Direct Surface Mounted Fixtures

OR-SM-36 surface mounted fixtures

OR-SM-36 fixtures are direct UVC germicidal fixtures used for surface and air disinfection before, during, and after the procedure, making the American Ultraviolet Fixed Mount Package a very smart adjunct for disinfection

  • Lowered intensity during orthopedic procedures
  • Full power during disinfection cycles and before and after procedures
  • Preset daily timed disinfection cycles

The advantage of using ceiling mounted ultraviolet light fixtures, rather than a mobile device, is that the fixtures can be spaced out to create a more consistent pattern of energy - more angles provides better coverage. 

A typical installation will have 8-10 OR-SM-36 surface mounted fixtures on the ceiling:

  • Four (4) fixtures mounted above the table: two parallel to the sides & two parallel to the head and foot
  • Remaining fixtures evenly spaced around the area for consistent energy distribution

The goal of this configuration is to lay down an even energy footprint that floods the room with UVC energy and eliminates, and minimizes, any shadow areas. Mobile units currently on the market are limited in their energy footprint, and they also require multiple positions in order to have a similar impact.

Indirect Wall Mounted Fixtures

OR-SM-36 fixturesOR-WM-36 UVC germicidal fixtures confine UVC rays to a narrow beam, directed across the upper portion of the room, for upper air treatment. Beam width and height are controlled with louvers that create a powerful, concentrated beam of germicidal UVC energy, resulting in maximum intensity and increased safety.

  • Installed on adjacent walls at least 7½ - 8 feet off the floor. 
  • Create a high-intensity intersection of energy in the upper portion of the room, above the table, to enhance the laminar flow system.
  • Indirect style fixtures are designed for upper air irradiation and are left at full power during use. 
  • Lamps and louvers easily removable for maintenance.
Indirect Wall Mounted Fixtures

Door Barrier Fixtures

Door Barrier Fixtures OR-DB fixtures confine UVC rays to a narrow beam, creating a "curtain" of energy in all doorways. Beam width and height are controlled with louvers that create a powerful, concentrated beam of germicidal UVC energy, resulting in maximum intensity and increased safety.

  • Installed above all doorways in the room.
  • Staff entering or exiting the space during the procedure will pass through the UV barrier, which will provide a high intensity dose of UVC, adding to the cumulative levels achieved while in the space.
  • Wider doorways can be equipped with multiple units, mounted in tandem, to span the entire width of the doorway.
  • Available in 24" and 36" fixture widths to accommodate typical doorway sizes.
  • Lamps and louvers easily removable for maintenance.

UVC Radiometer

UVC RadiometerThe NIST-traceable Radiometer is used to calibrate the proper level of UVC energy when fixtures are in use during a procedure; and to ensure overall proper system operation. The user simply positions the radiometer on the table, pushes a button on the controller - the system takes over and runs a full calibration cycle entirely by itself. All performance data, and energy levels, are recorded and stored on the hard drive inside the controller. When the procedure mode is selected the surface mount, or direct mount units will automatically emit the proper reduced level of energy; when the disinfection mode is selected all fixtures, including the direct units, ramp up to 100% of power to provide the highest intensity for the shortest cycle times. American Ultraviolet currently recommends to periodically perform a calibration cycle, which typically takes 10-15 minutes (no staff is required to be present during this time).

UV In Use Warning Signs

OR-SIGNSafety signs that come with the Fixed Mount Package are illuminated warning signs designed to alert personnel entering the area that direct UVC fixtures are being used inside the room. Any time the UV fixtures in the room are energized, the warning sign(s) illuminate with a "CAUTION UV LIGHT ON" message.

  • Mounted outside the room next to or above all of the doors
  • Any lamps lit = warning signs illuminated 

In addition to this bold visual indicator, each and every UVC fixture in the room is an "intelligent" fixture with its own motion and infra-red (IR) sensor.  If any fixture were to "see" motion or sense heat in the space during a full disinfection cycle, all of the fixtures will immediately shut down, and the fault will be recorded as part of the data logging. 

  • Motion + IR sensors are active in the Disinfection Cycle modes (both manually initiated and timed cycles)
  • Motion + IR sensors are deactivated in the Procedure mode as the room is occupied. 
  • In either mode, when the lamps are lit, the warning sign(s) will be illuminated. 

Safety Face Shields

  • OR-SIGNAmerican Ultraviolet provides one dozen UV-resistant, optically clear, full face shields with each Fixed Mount Package. When used in conjunction with a head sock, this piece of PPE provides complete coverage for the head and neck.
  • As with all ultraviolet equipment, PPE such as protective clothing and eyewear are required when UV exposure is possible. Personnel should never look directly into any of the fixtures without proper eye protection. 

Staff Training

Full staff training from a qualified, experienced trainer about proper usage and maintenance is included with the American Ultraviolet Fixed Mount Package. A comprehensive Operation & Maintenance Manual is also provided with each package. We remain committed to making sure all your users are safe and comfortable with how to operate and maintain the Fixed Mount Package and we offer a video training portal on our website for new hires and existing staff. Once the online training is completed a certificate of completion is issued for record keeping.

To learn more about the Fixed Mount Package, and other healthcare products from American Ultraviolet that will help improve your indoor environment, please visit our technical library where you can download and print literature.

Visit the Disinfection Update E-newsletter archives (which begin with March 2020) to read helpful stories about the effectiveness of UVC Disinfection.

None of the American Ultraviolet UVC products detailed above are certified, or approved under any applicable laws, as a medical device, and as such, American Ultraviolet, and its Representatives and Distributors, do not currently intend for them to be used as medical devices anywhere globally. Products have not been evaluated by the FDA.