Since 1960 American Ultraviolet® has manufactured 100,000+ effective UVC germicidal fixtures for healthcare, industrial, commercial, and residential applications, including HVAC, hospital, pharmaceutical, laboratory, food and beverage manufacturing and processing, among others. Our UV germicidal products can be used in the air, in liquids and on surfaces to increase efficiency. With health insurance no longer covering healthcare associated infections (hospital acquired infections), hospitals can avoid significant monetary waste by investing in proven UVC technology that plays an important role in reducing infections.

American Ultraviolet® has also been creating effective UV curing solutions since 1960 for processes that use UV curable chemistries like inks, coatings and adhesives. Tens of thousands of systems are currently being used in a variety of industries, including spot curing for medical device manufacturing, screen printing, industrial floor coating,aerospace, bathtub refinishing, countertop coating, label printing, LED UV curing, and hundreds of others. American Ultraviolet, and our Lesco UV and Aetek UV Systems divisions, have the cure you seek. And all our solutions are backed by one of the best technical and customer support teams in the world.

For the best source of standard and custom UV coater solutions, no one offers as much as American Ultraviolet, including: UV coating machines, like the AUV-Coat UV roller coater; and companion products like substrate feeders and stackers, including paper feeders, paper stackers, envelope feeders, the AUV-EPS envelope printer, replacement lamps, UV coatings, and accessories.

We hope you find the information you're looking for regarding American Ultraviolet germicidal, curing and UV coating products. If you don't find what you need, are looking for a custom UV solution, or simply prefer to talk to someone, please call us at 1.800.288.9288.