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The Lesco UV division of American Ultraviolet offers a wide range of the highest quality, most accurate radiometers. UV and VIS Radiometers are essential in process validation and final commissioning operations for literally any photocuring operation. With radiometry, damaged lightguides, bulbs or reflectors can often be detected before they destroy long term process integrity. Our radiometer line-up includes:

  • LESCO Spot Cure Radiometer – our most popular radiometer product is available in UVA, UVB, UVC or VIS intensity sensing versions
  • UV MAP and PowerMap – senses, profiles and stores peak power and total energy density. Up to one million data points can be stored
  • UVICURE and PowerPuck – ideal for use with all of our conveyor products, these instruments measure peak intensity and total dosage (Joules/cm2)
  • MicroCure – because of its incredibly small size, this radiometer can be used to measure peak intensity and total dosage (Joules/cm2) in nearly inaccessible application