UV Curing Solutions


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UV Curing Solutions

Why UV Curing Solutions

Since 1960 American Ultraviolet has brought superior ultraviolet curing technology, and customer service, to customers who have discovered that UV saves money in a many ways, including:

  • UV dryers take up less space, so shops can utilize more revenue-producing equipment
  • UV uses less energy, therefore significantly cutting operating costs
  • UV ink goes farther than solvent-based ink (up to 60 percent per gallon)
  • UV curing can increase throughput four times over solvent-based processes
  • Clean-up time practically disappears, adding to the time available for production
  • UV technology doesn't pollute, inside or outside the shop, which means healthier employees, and a healthier, "greener" environment

In addition to printing benefits, UV curing is also used to instantly solidify coatings, inks, and adhesives with a cool, clean beam of light. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) found in the noxious, flammable solvents used by conventional coatings, adhesives and inks are completely eliminated. The ultraviolet curing process is a photochemical reaction where free flowing molecules, excited by UV radiation, link to form solid polymer chains. Small amounts of chemicals known as "Photoinitiators" act as catalysts, allowing the UV-curable adhesives & coatings to remain liquid, then instantly solidify or "cure" the material the split second UV light hits them.

UV curing involves 100 percent solids in a fluid state, with no hazardous substances released during the cure process. The environmental benefit: the amount of liquid applied before the curing process is the same amount remaining after the curing is complete - no leftovers; no VOC emissions; no compliance problems.

With respect to bonding methods, technology has advanced from glass, steel and mechanically fastened products to multi-level polymer materials and superior ultraviolet (UV) curing methods. And, with the continued movement toward more compact devices, the need to reliably bond smaller and smaller components has never been greater.

Whatever spot curing challenge you are facing under the sun, whether it is large or small, simple or complex, if it involves UV technology, it should involve American Ultraviolet.

"American Ultraviolet is headquartered in Lebanon, Indiana, and has offices throughout the United States for sales, service and manufacturing."