UV Envelope Print System

AUV-EPS Envelope Print System

Made in the USASpecifications

  • Electrical: 115V/60Hz/10Amps
  • Dimensions: 68"L x 29" W x 50" H (including print head)
  • 104"L w/optional D-100 conveyor
  • 8.36" Single-Pass Print Head
  • Up to 1200x1200 DPI
  • Ink Throw Distance up to 0.25"
  • Requires 8GB RAM w/minimum i5 processor & 500GB storage (dedicated PC recommended)


  • Full Variable Data Printing for all sized images
  • Run up to 10,000 #10 envelopes per hour
  • 3" x 5" to 10" x 13" envelopes
  • Catalogs, Booklets, Cardstock, Media-Stuffed Envelopes, Pre-Folded Mailers, Paper Bags and MORE!
  • Available in Pigment or Dye Inks
  • Print 4-color - CMYK

AUV-EPS Envelope Print System

AUV-EPS Envelope Print System

Watch the incredibly fast production capability of the AUV-EPS Envelope Printer:

  • 2-up #10 envelopes
  • Full variable data printing capable
  • Pigment or Dye CMYK inkjet printer head