LED UV Curing Solutions

Curing Solutions

Since 1960, American Ultraviolet has provided superior ultraviolet curing technology and customer service to thousands of customers who have discovered UV saves money in many ways, including:

  • UV equipment uses less energy, therefore significantly reducing operating costs
  • UV chemistry goes farther than solvent-based chemistry (up to 60%/gallon)
  • UV equipment take up less space, so shops can utilize more revenue-producing equipment
  • UV curing can increase throughput four times over solvent-based processes
  • Clean-up time practically disappears, adding to the time available for Production
  • UV technology doesn't pollute, inside or outside the shop, which means healthier employees, and a healthier, "greener" environment

American Ultraviolet's Aetek UV System division, and Lesco UV Division (original creator of the Green Spot, and manufacturer of LED UV equipment), also provide effective curing UV solutions for inks, coatings and adhesives, including integrated, conveyor, shuttered, rotary, spot, bottle, flood lamp and microwave lamp equipment. All our systems, including our handheld ultraviolet light curing systems, are backed by outstanding customer service; are environmentally responsible; and economically rewarding for you and your customers.

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