Lesco UV Division Products

Lesco UV Division Products

Thank you for your interest in LESCO UV, a division of American Ultraviolet located in Torrance, CA.

LESCO UV manufactures UV conveyors; handheld and LED curing devices; and specialty UV curing equipment; and specializes in high-intensity UV spot-curing systems that bond substrates together using UV-cured adhesives for markets that include aerospace, electronics and medical devices, among others.
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C Series Conveyor CuringConveyors

Spot CuringSpot


Flood CuringFlood

  • CureMax - Shuttered UV chamber curing for all size substrates

Specialty CuringSpecialty

  • Multicure - UV cure heat sensitive substrates
  • 3SR - Cure round/irregular shaped items
  • Spinster - 360° container/object curing