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American Ultraviolet West Inc. (LESCO Division, Torrance, CA) is actively looking for new Representatives and Distributors throughout the country to sell our UV Spot Curing, Chambers and Conveyor lines. If interested, please complete and submit this INQUIRY FORM for consideration.
Arc Lamp Curing Solutions

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American Ultraviolet has been creating unique ultraviolet curing solutions for a wide range of applications since 1960, including what many consider to be specialty UV curing applications. When you need an adapted version of our standard equipment; or a complete system designed, engineered and manufactured from the ground up, our full staff of electrical, mechanical and design engineers, and technically knowledgeable sales staff, will work smart to provide you with the right solutions.

American Ultraviolet specializes in creating UV spot curing solutions for solvent-free manufacturing. With the previous acquisitions of Lesco UV and UV Source, American Ultraviolet offers an even greater selection of spot curing products, including:

  • SuperSpot Max/Max HP
  • Spectrum 100
  • Green Spot
  • SuperSpot MKIII