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UV Curing Solutions


American Ultraviolet West Inc. (LESCO Division, Torrance, CA) is actively looking for new Representatives and Distributors throughout the country to sell our UV Spot Curing, Chambers and Conveyor lines. If interested, please complete and submit this INQUIRY FORM for consideration.
Arc Lamp Curing Solutions

Why AUV/Selection Chart

Why American Ultraviolet for Arc Lamp Spot Curing Solutions

All American Ultraviolet Arc lamp systems come with a full 1-year parts and labor warranty. They also feature fully adjustable UV output control, to complete process control. In addition we offer a proprietary optical feedback feature, for complete and repeatable process control, on all of our systems. Our standard IR filters (280nm-480nm) fit just about every UV application, however, we also offer cut off filters that will meet any of your spectral wavelength requirements, from UVC up to UVV. American Ultraviolet also offers complete automation control through an optional I/O port that enables the systems to be completely controlled remotely, and gives our customers full flexibility and automation control. All American Ultraviolet systems are CE compliant.

Spot Cure ARC Lamp systems Green Spot  Spectrum 100A SuperSpot MKIII SuperSpot MAX 100 SuperSpot MAX 200
Dimensions (in)
9.75x9.75x12.5 10x10.5x5 8.5x11x13.5 8.5x11x13.5 8.5x11x13.5
Cleanroom Ready
UV Output2 15W/cm² 0-18W/cm² 12-20W/cm² (100W bulb)
16-27W/cm² (200W bulb)
15-25W/cm² (100W bulb)

16-30W/cm² (200W bulb)
Single Cycle Program Control         
Multiple Cycle Program Control  
Optical Feedback    
200W Bulb Capability    
4 Watt output @ 365nm          
10-15W/cm² UV output2      
12-20W/cm² UV output2    
15-25W/cm² UV output2      

16-27W/cm² UV output2    
16-30W/cm² UV output2      

Front Panel Shutter Activation      
Rear Panel Potentiometer Output Adjustment       
Front Panel Intensity, Dosage, Electrical Power & User Calibration Controls      
Safety Glasses
IR/heat filter 280nm-480nm
90-265VAC, 50/60Hz ElectricalOperation


Accepts Liquid Filled Light Guide
(100W only)

(100W only)
Accepts FibreFire™  High Output Fiber Optic Light Guide
Custom FibreFire™ Light Guides Available
10,000+ Hours Expected LED life          
2000 hours. Expected Bulb life3
1 year materials and workmanship warranty4
I/O interface
(voltage or switch controlled)5
DataMax™ process validation software      
Optional Wavelength IR filters available upon request