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American Ultraviolet West Inc. (LESCO Division, Torrance, CA) is actively looking for new Representatives and Distributors throughout the country to sell our UV Spot Curing, Chambers and Conveyor lines. If interested, please complete and submit this INQUIRY FORM for consideration.
UV Curing Solutions

American Ultraviolet/Lesco Division Testimonials

Thank you for all the help you have assisted with in parallel to Edwards Lifescience, including the purchase of the new Lesco MK III machines, and the associated technical support.

As you may or may not remember, because of your high volume of calls and the many companies you deal with, about a year ago I contacted you about the repair of the five MK 2 machines we currently have in service. After you informed me that they were no longer available, and parts were limited, with your recommendation we purchased five new MK III machines. The service that we received from the old machines has been unquestionable. With the exception of replacing light bulbs, as needed, the machines have performed very well with minimum downtime. That being said, when it came time to replace the old MK II, there was no need to shop around. When I contacted you I did not get any “sales pitch,” but just what I believed was factual information.

I do want to say a few things specifically about Maxine. She has been a huge help in solving our problems. She has always answered my calls, or returned my calls promptly; assisted in getting me lined up with the proper parts I need; explained any difference in a product code; and shipped everything promptly. Maxine brings a great professional attitude, and personal relationship, to the job, and I feel like I know her though we have never met face to face – of course that’s what makes her such a professional.

Please feel free to share this letter and contact me any time about you and your products and services.

Thanks Again
Don Peterson
Manufacturing Maintenance Supervisor
Edwards Lifesciences LLC

As a maintenance technician responsible for production equipment for a defense contractor in the Northeast, I am constantly involved with vendors, including American Ultraviolet. We recently sent our LESCO Super Spot MAX HP in for some repairs. Worked with Maxine, who was very professional, and even provided us with a bridge unit while upgrades were being done to our unit. Maxine, I cannot thank you enough, and will recommend American Ultraviolet/LESCO for any UV application.


Richard Paradis
Textron Defense Systems

The products you’ve provided for us this year have been a key part of helping us maintain our manufacturing operations. The quality of your products, and your attention to detail, are greatly appreciated.
Thanks again for all your help.
Dan Ward
Advanced Bionics

It is always a great pleasure to do business with American Ultraviolet/Lesco. Their prices are very reasonable, and they can beat out their competitors with no problems. They are always polite, and fun, and will try to help us in any ways they can – in fact, they are the kind of supplier that will go the extra mile to insure their customers are happy. I highly recommend American Ultraviolet and the products we use, and particularly want to thank Phil Smith for his attention to our account.
Tami Barrett

My company has been using American Ultraviolet/Lesco UV light equipment for more than 15 years. We consider Lesco UV lights the workhorses that help build our business. We have more than 30 UV lights that we use each day to build our products. In my industry it is critical that the UV light equipment must function reliably every minute of every day it is used. Lesco UV lights have performed to our expectation in this regard, which is why we continue to use them. I use a Lesco Super Spot each day that is more than 15 years old - it ignites and works each day. I am very impressed with Lesco UV light equipment.
Kristian Olsen
Clinical Innovations

Ev3 use American Ultraviolet/Lesco UV light curing systems in many different medical field applications, and they always perform to the highest degree. We currently have about 10 units that we use on a regular basis. The UV light curing system works great for our needs. In addition, there is never a problem with sales, or service, and their personnel is as outstanding as the equipment they sell and service.
Jason Ovick
Maintenance Technican
ev3 Inc.  | Peripheral Vascular Division

American Ultraviolet/Lesco has done an excellent job providing equipment that suits our manufacturing needs. Futurematrix has many U.V. cure gluing stations, and all equipment in use is provided by AUV/Lesco. This equipment is used 8-12 hrs a day, 25 days a month. Many of the curing machines have run trouble-free for 4 years and counting. The machines are reliable, and durable. And, as you know with any manufacturing equipment, one of the most important components is service. Our service representative calls our facility on a regular basis to make sure our needs are being meet. This is not the case with most vendors we do business with, some of whom we have trouble getting in contact with. This is not the case with Lesco. Customer service has been great. When we are in need of technical assistance and training to help maintain our machines AUV/Lesco meets our needs immediately. We also receive regular assistance from the technical support team.Their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful when it counts. In any manufacturing environment downtime equals lost money. AUV/Lesco does their part to ensure we do not get into these situations. I recommend American Ultraviolet/Lesco products, and services, to anyone looking for a high caliber supplier of U.V. equipment.

Charles Cox
Process Engineer
Futurematrix Interventional

American Ultraviolet/Lesco products do a great job of meeting our manufacturing needs.  Having a demo unit for trial was very helpful in determining which unit is best for us.  Service is good, and parts are available.
Thanks for your help.

Greg Roland / Mfg. Engineer 
Mfg. Engineering / Key Technology, Inc.

Nonin Medical relies on AUV West/Lesco to provide support for existing equipment used in the manufacturing of medical devices, and for providing the department with parts and new equipment. They have never failed to deliver products quickly to meet our needs and always provide us with news on specials the company is offering on equipment we may require. I am greatly appreciative of the attention personnel at AUV West give me whenever I contact them. They never fail to work with me and they meet any needs I may have for equipment. AUV West is a topnotch company with great people working for them.
Tammy Emon
Training Coordinator
Nonin Medical, Inc.

Spot Curing Testimonials

I am very excited to start using the Cool Cure 365 LED Spot Curing wand systems. We currently have Loctite CL-15 systems that use Mercury Arc bulbs. About a year ago I learned about the Cool Cure system from one of your distributors, and had high hopes we would immediately start using them, however, when we started testing, we found that the system was too loud to use in production. Though we occasionally used it, when absolutely necessary, we never fully implemented it. When you called to see how we liked the product, and learned we liked it, but that it was too loud, you explained that it had be re-designed to be quieter. The modified version you sent was significantly quieter and renewed our hopes that we would be able to fully implement LED curing systems into production. Testing has been successful so far, which is a good thing because we still have a few old systems we'd like to replace.

I am very happy you made the follow-up call and helped make everything work out at a great price. And I certainly look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Thank you,
Tim Miller
Technical Leader
Trijicon, Inc.

We have been using 20 different Cool Cure LED systems for the past 4 years at Biomerics Salt Lake City, and have had zero maintenance-related problems with any of them. We intend to continue to use your products because they are superior to all the incandescent bulb systems available.

Kristian Olsen
Sr. Program Manager

I always have a pleasant experience when dealing with American Ultraviolet West. We use their products in our day to day manufacturing, and we're very pleased with all results. Maxine V. is extremely helpful, and goes out of her way to accommodate us and make us very happy.

James McLean IV
Maintenance Supervisor
Spectrum Labs

The best proof of the success of any UV curing system is how it performs in the shop. Here are the comments of a few UV Source customers who have put our systems through their paces:

Medtronic MiniMed has been using your Green Spot UV light curing systems for more than four years, and we have never had to send in a single unit for service. We have multiple units in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic configurations, and they just keep performing! Thanks for a well-designed and highly functional product.

Greg Dexter
Senior Product Engineer
Medtronic MiniMed

My labs are research and development only. This means that we need a wide variety of equipment and tools. Many of these are used infrequently, but when needed are expected to perform as advertised.

Much of our work involves angiographic catheters and related devices. All need a leur hub bonded to the catheter or other device. The Green Spot is easy to maintain and certainly trouble free. To date the machine has 5,663 hours recorded with the original Lamp-Reflector assembly.

This is a brief note of thanks for a job well done.

Bob Stevens
Stevens Laboratories Inc.


Screen Printing Testimonials

We finally started using the Tornado you recently made for us. We first used it only a few hours a week, but for three consecutive weeks we've been using it 10 hours a day, uninterrupted. We also initially planned for it to service four printing machines, but we're now using it for two production lines (six machines). We are still not able to fill all the positions, which is really great, because the oven used to be our bottleneck in the past.
So far it has proven to be very reliable, and I though I can¹t say anything bad about it, I might suggest improving the shielding just a little bit. Anyway, we are very happy with our Tornado, and it really feels as if you had been making these ovens for a long time. Now please don¹t show this email to our competitors, as we don¹t want to make things easier for them.  

The best proof of the success of any UV curing system is how it performs in the shop. Here are the comments of a few American Ultraviolet® Company customers who have put our systems through their paces.

In late 1984, I needed a lab conveyorized UV unit to perform my first independent lab-based assignment. I needed it immediately and the unit had to run on 110 V. Back then most lab units had 200 wpi lamps and conveyor speeds of 10 to 50 fpm. I called Meredith Stines at American Ultraviolet®, explained my requirements and he quickly put a system together for me – with tri-power (100/200/300 wpi) lamp, focused reflector, conveyor speed of 225 fpm, at a very reasonable cost. Nineteen years later and after 200+ lab projects, we still rely on this workhorse unit. With it we have been able to correlate our cure results very well to the various UV units that our customers use. We like it for the following reasons: its simple design, its portability, it can be plugged in anywhere an outlet is available, it runs relatively quietly, and it gives very reliable cure results.

American Ultraviolet® has provided excellent customer service over the years. We've recommended your equipment to several customers.

Alice H. Pincus
UV/EB Consultant
Pincus Associates, Inc.

I am writing to express our satisfaction with the performance of our Ultra-Cool Two Lamp Ultraviolet Conveyorized Curing System manufactured by American Ultraviolet® Company.

After two years of almost sixteen hours per day operation, this unit has surpassed our expectations. This was our first Ultra-Cool unit, and as such, we really did not know what to expect in lamp life. Once the lamps reached around 2550 hours, they started to refuse to start. Since then we have placed the unit on our standard UV lamp replacement schedule of 750 hours....

This system is virtually maintenance-free while providing the best solution for UV conveyor curing and conserving floor place. The Ultra-Cool system is a great product and a smart investment for any company requiring this type of equipment.


John Schumann - Plant Engineer
GM Nameplate, Inc. California Div

You may recall sitting with me and coming up with not 1, nor 2 but 3 units that we initially purchased. These were Super-Cool units with Dual Metal Halide lamps. Since then we have purchased 2 additional units and are very happy with the way they are performing. An area we are very pleased with is the surface temperatures of our substrates. We are amazed at how cool we have been able to keep these surfaces while maintaining proper cure on high-speed production runs.


Blaine MacMillan - President
Cowan Graphics Inc.

I work for what was a small company supplying and installing Sunraise thermography machines. We needed a UV curing system for some customers, but the two well-known UV manufacturing companies we dealt with in England gave us troublesome and unreliable equipment. We asked American Ultraviolet® for help. The equipment they sent us (which was a new specification for them) installed easily, worked first time, never gave any trouble and is still running on double shifts six days a week.

That was more than eight years ago, and our company is now part of the largest print-supply company in England. We now install Sunraise thermography machines all over the world outside USA, and we're still fitting American Ultraviolet® equipment. I have to install in territories where the electricity supply is pretty poor, but the American Ultraviolet® kit seems to take it in its stride. It's made my job easy – so here's a thank-you to the staff at American Ultraviolet® for a great piece of equipment.

Peter Galilee
Technical Services Manager, Thermobgraphy
Formerly Head of Production, Thermography


Shuttered Curing Testimonials

At Wausau Coated Products, Inc. we provide pressure sensitive products and label materials while using custom coating technologies that serve a wide variety of markets. As the first FSC certified manufacturer of pressure sensitive products in the U.S., we strive to be innovators of eco-friendly pressure sensitive solutions.

We have been using Aetek UV lights for 12 years in our curing processes. Their track record is proven; the systems go the distance day after day. When we need parts, or support, their technical staff is always courteous, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to provide us with what we need. We will continue to partner with Aetek as we grow and develop new markets for the future.

Luke J Pepke
Wausau Coated Products


Testimonial from Dave Greiner, President, Precision Label Inc.
(Adobe Acrobat document)


Floor Curing Testimonials

We love the DecoRad Floormate and, so far, Crate & Barrel and the Gap love the results. We will be doing Restoration Hardware shortly.

Brian Prusik
Syracuse Commercial Floors

Appreciation for American Ultraviolet® Customer Service

American Ultraviolet/Lesco customer service is excellent and very effective. Although I have not done business with you recently, I have never had any complications or issues in the past. I once sent you a Super Spot MAX hp for repairs and the process went very smooth and was taken care of in a timely manner. I am always notified of sales or promotions that may be of beneficial, which is always appreciated. You have also been very helpful and courteous when we order spare parts, such as bulbs and light guides.
 Jason Unch | Maintenance Manager
QBC Diagnostics

Just a note to let you know how the service we receive from you has been exceptional. When I need something, you get it to me on time. If I need verification on our blanket PO, you have the information to me quickly. Thanks for all your help and I look forward hope to again working with you.
Cam Mattson
Manufacturing Technology
Vascular Solutions

We have several American Ultraviolet ovens we use in our manufacturing process. Though some are as much as seven years old, all continue to run effectively all day long, five days a week. Due to long hours of operation, we occasionally have expected maintenance challenges. Within my first month working here, I had a UV conveyor oven go down. I contacted American Ultraviolet for help, which came in the way of Maxine Vaaitautia, who immediately put me in touch with her techs, who in turn talked me through the possible causes. I was able to repair the equipment because of her quick response and high regard for customer service. She even went as far as to overnight a manual I needed to help me calibrate the motor speed controller. The result was that my line was down for only a few hours at the end of one day, and a few hours at the beginning of the next day, until I could calibrate the oven. It could have been much worse, but Maxine, and the rest of the crew at American Ultraviolet stepped up and helped me right then, right there.
I have asked for help twice since then and remain very impressed. I only wish that my other equipment manufacturers had the same customer focus.
Mark Heerd
Process Engineer
Sendx Medical

Service has been great because of timely response and diligent follow up. American Ultraviolet/Lesco has been very patient with our purchasing process; the changeover from the old system to the new was flawless; and all components and accessories were properly shipped with each system we purchased.
We’re very pleased to share that we have no issues with the equipment we use in production - they are simple to use, and perform well. We also greatly appreciate discounts offered to buy back old units, which made the switch to 6 new units more cost effective. We also love the improved bulb life on the new units.
Thank you to American Ultraviolet, and especially to Maxine, for your professionalism and patience. We are a medical device company, and it takes time for us to validate new equipment and receive document approvals before we can start using the equipment.
Leon Engelking
Sr. Validation Engineer
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation

Dear Andrew,

I hope all is well. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated all your hard work on putting our coating machine toegher. The new machine has worked and providing Stewart with some excellent product.

Talk to you soon.

Thank you,

Grant W. Stewart, CTS
Stewart Filmscreen Corp


This is Kevin Roof at Hub Labels, Inc. in Hagerstown, MD.  I mentioned to Donna at AUV east on time that I wanted Bill Lauer’s bosses address to send a bit of a comment.  She gave me this.  It has taken me quite a while to get around to it, but here is something that needs said.

I have called this man first thing in the morning, at the end of the day, and I even caught him once as he was making his way out the door on a trip of some sort.  Bill has ALWAYS been the most informative person I have ever had to deal with.  He has ALWAYS been the most polite, friendly, helpful and outgoing tech that I have ever called.  By the end of the conversations with him, I always fully understand the situation and feel very confident in the troubleshooting I am about to attempt.  To make a long story short, I just wanted to say that people are always quick to complain and gripe about others, but it is rare that folks are given the compliments they deserve.  However bad the situation I am in, I always feel better after dealing with him and I think he deserves a pat on the back.

I hope this email went to the correct person in this matter.  Thanks for your time.


Kevin Roof
Maintenance Tech.