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FibreFire™ Fiber Optic Lightguides

American Ultraviolet's Lesco UV division offers Liquid Filled (LF) and Fiber Optic (FO) lightguides. FO guides, like the proprietary FibreFire line, are ideal for use with the SuperSpot MAX and MAX HP. Long lasting, and capable of very long run lengths, FibreFire is available in single, bifurcated, trifurcated or quad splits; and a wide range of standard round, oval, linear or angled tip designs. Varying combinations allow full 360 degree coverage of intended cure sites in almost any application. And, unlike conventional lightguides, FibreFire guides can be dozens of meters in length without excessive intensity drop.

We also design and custom-fabricate FibreFire FO guides for special needs.

Standard Features

  • Standard and custom light emitting end configurations, and leg lengths, for optimized process specific energy
  • Single and multiple-furcated designs
  • Long life - no degradation with long exposures or high intensity application processes
  • Light profile delivery not affected by positional routing of guide.

To learn more about FibreFire Fiber Optic Lightguides and Radiometers, including technical specifications, please visit our technical library where you can download and print literature.

Fiber Optic Lightguides

Fiber Optic Lightguide

Fiber Optic Lightguide