LED UV Curing Solutions

UV LED Curing

ModCure UV LED Curing System

  • Small size
  • Retrofit capability
  • Economical entry price


  • Dimmable intensity from 20%-100%
  • Modular 90mm (3.5 inch) cores can be combined for up to 360mm (14 inches) of cure width in a single curing head
  • Powerful air cooling to maintain optimal LED performance
  • Overheat Protection shuts off LED's if temperature exceeds critical limit
  • Lightweight design allows for flexible mounting options on various equipment
  • 90mm head can be directly mounted to existing American Ultraviolet Mini Conveyors with 4 small brackets
  • Multiple curing heads can be mounted together for cure widths > 360mm (14 inches)
  • Expand your curing capacity as your requirements change

Head Enclosure Construction: Anodized Aluminum
Main Power Requirement: 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz., 4 Amps - per 90mm core
Cure Widths: in 3.5 7 10.5 14; mm 90 180 270 360
Lamp Technology: UV LED - 395nm wavelength
Options: Mounting Brackets to fit customer requirements; Integration into full production lines 365, 385, 405nm wavelengths

Please contact us to learn more about our family of UV LED solutions, or visit our technical library, where you can download and print literature.

LED UV Curing - ModCure

LED UV Curing - ModCure

LED UV Curing - ModCure