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LED UV Curing Solutions

LED UV Curing - Cool Cure 365

The Cool Cure 365 UV LED curing device is the most powerful UV LED spot curing device on the market. It's a direct replacement for old, hot, mercury arc lamp technology and produces much less heat by using LED UV curing light to cure adhesives on medical devices, electronics and other industrial and commercial applications.

The high power UV LED Cool Cure 365 is a lightweight system (only 10 lbs) that emits minimal IR wave lengths, and requires no filters or replacement lamps. It uses a standard liquid light guide and has the benefit of low cost and high ROI.

To learn more about the Cool Cure 365, and other LED UV curing systems we offer, please visit our technical library, where you can download and print literature.

Cool Cure 395

Ask about the Cool Cure 395, with an output range of 0-25 w/cm2 and a spectral range of 395-400nm

Cool Cure 365HP

Ask about the Cool Cure 365HP which has an output range of 0-40w/cm2 and a spectral range of 365nm

Please contact us to learn more about our family of UV LED solutions, or visit our technical library, where you can download and print literature.

Cool Cure 365/395

Standard Features

  • Maximum output 40w/cm2 UVA
  • Minimal IR wave length
  • Long LED life
  • Fully adjustable output (0-100%)
  • Instant On/Off; Low power consumption
  • 2-year warranty
  • 90-260 VAC power supply
  • Available 365/385/395/405/450nm
  • Optional I/O feature available
  • CE
  • Small, lightweight design