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Conveyor Curing

Conveyor Curing C Series

Conveyor Curing Mini Series

Conveyor Standard Mini Series

Conveyor Curing Optima

Conveyor Curing Super Cool

Conveyor Curing Multicure

Conveyor Curing 3SR

Conveyor Curing Spinster

Conveyor Curing Retrofit

Conveyor Curing Tornado

Conveyor Curing ModCure

Spot Curing

Why American Ultraviolet for Spot Curing Solutions

Spot Curing Green Spot

Spot Curing Cure Max

Spot Curing SuperSpot MKIII

Spot Curing SPECTRUM 100

Spot Curing SuperSpot Max/Max HP

Arc Curing

Why American Ultraviolet for Arc Lamp Spot Curing Solutions


SuperSpot Max/Max HP

SuperSpot MKIII

Green Spot

Spot Curing FibreFire™ Fiber Optic Lightguides

Spot Curing Radiometer

Flood Curing

Flood Curing - Cure Max

Spot Curing Mighty Spot

Specialty Curing

Specialty Curing Ophthalmic

Specialty Curing Custom

Specialty Curing Multicure

Specialty Curing Spinster

Specialty Curing Flood

LED Curing

Why American Ultraviolet for Spot Curing Solutions

Cool Cure Lite

Cool Cure 365/395

Cool Cure UV Chamber

LED Mini-Conveyor

Shuttered Curing

Shuttered UltraPak

Shuttered UVXL

Surface Curing

Surface Curing Porta-Cure

Surface Curing UV Lite 350 a

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Germicidal Solutions


HVAC CC Series

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HVAC DC Series

HVAC NC Series

HVAC KE Series


HVAC ARTZ 2.0®/Pathagon® Mobile room disinfection for large areas

HVAC MRS Mobile room disinfection for small areas

DER (DE Replacement) Kit

Water Treatment AQ Series


OR Packages

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Mobile Room UVC


Healthcare Upper Air

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Healthcare Surface

UVC Dosimeter

COVID-19: The Basics

"Four Pillars of UVC Disinfection for Healthcare" – Introduction

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Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage KE Series

Food & Beverage Liquid Storage Tanks

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Food & Beverage SC-4 Series

Food & Beverage STG Series

Food & Beverage TTG Series

Food & Beverage Tank Vents


Pharmacy and Laboratory Mobile

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Schools, Colleges & Universities

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Eliminator RPT™


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