Healthcare Solutions Overview

Healthcare Products

  • Fixed Mounted
    Germicidal ceiling mounted and upper air systems to reduce microorganisms on surfaces and in the air.

  • Mobile
    ARTZ 2.0/  and MRS mobile room disinfections systems for all room sizes.

  • Upper Air
    CM/TB/STBF/RAM in-room upper air disinfection.

  • In Duct
    Germicidal UVC systems for in duct applications.

  • Handheld/Surface
    The UVC Blade handheld, portable, UVC device for surface disinfection.

  • Custom Integrated Solutions
    Custom solutions to fit all of your needs.


  • Mobile
    Disinfect contaminated surfaces and air in rooms and on surfaces; available in many sizes.

  • Upper Air
    Available in sizes to fit all rooms, these systems provide 24/7/365 disinfection protection.

  • HVAC
    Destroy bio-aerosols in re-circulated air; keep cooling coils/drain pans free from mold build-up.

  • Fixed Mount
    Disinfect surfaces and instruments with pre-programed PLC device for any room.

Germicidal Solutions


  • Upper Air Fixtures
    Reduce person-to-person transmission of airborne microorganisms with CM, TB, STBF, and RAM Series UVC fixtures.

  • In-Duct Fixtures
    DC and ICR Series fixtures deliver UVC energy to moving air inside HVAC ducting.

  • On-Coil Fixtures
    Surface treatment fixtures like CC, CK, Eco Pure, NC and PEK/GTLK series deliver 24/7/365 UVC energy to the evaporative coil and drain pan.

Water Treatment

  • AQ
    Commercial/Residential water purification systems

Food & Beverage

  • Liquid Storage Tanks
    Keep headspace in storage tanks and storage tank vents free from microbial growth with LTC, BT, SC-4, STG, TTG, and Tank Vent Series fixtures.

  • In-line Liquids
    Use thin-film and non–contact technology to treat everything from ingredient water in food and beverages, to liquid sugar and other liquids.

  • Direct Fixtures
    CE and IP 55 vixtures can be placed over and under conveyor lines to reduce mold and bacteria from food, films, or container surfaces prior to packaging.

  • Air Movers
    Filter and disinfect the air in food processing areas with the CleanBox; destroy airborne contaminants and reduce odors in food production and food storage applications with FRESH + Photocatalytic Oxidation; and reduce odor emissions and grease deposits in kitchen exhaust hoods with KE Series.

  • Custom
    Conveyors, pass-through tunnels and retrofit lamp inserts can be customed designed for all of your needs.


  • UVC Air, Surface, Water
    Multiple UVC solutions for Horticulture / Cannabis industries to remove powdery mildew, bud mold and other microrrganisms.


  • Custom Integrated germicidal solutions for any and all UVC applications.


  • Mobile
    ARTZ 2.0® and 3 different sized MRS mobile room disinfection units.

  • In-Duct
    DC series for in-duct air disinfection.

  • Upper Air
    CM15/TB/STBF/RAM for in-room upper air disinfection.

  • Surface
    Blade portable, handheld surface disinfection.


  • Mobile
    Disinfect contaminated surfaces and air.

  • Upper Air
    Remove bio-aerosols from air continuously in occupied rooms

  • HVAC
    Destroy bio-aerosols from recirculated air, and keep cooling coils/drain pans free from mold build-up.

  • Fixed Mount
    Disinfect surfaces and air with the flip of a switch, or run a pre-programmed cycle.


  • Eliminator RPT™
    Irradiate cooling coils/air streams inside ductwork to prevent spread of mold/bacteria

  • Sapphire
    Industry standard for large on-coil installations because of stainless steel housing.

Curing Solutions Overview


  • C Series (LESCO)
    Industrial grade conveyorized UV curing systems available with mercury or LED lamps.

  • Mini
    Designed to cure small objects, and for color matching. Fits substrates up to 6 inches wide.

  • Standard
    6'/10'/12' UV curing  conveyor mercury or LED systems for all substrates.

  • Super Cool
    Industrial UV curing systems for curing heat-sensitive substrates; available with Mercury, Iron or LED lamp technology.

  • Multicure (LESCO)
    Movable lamp assemblies and conveyor belt designed for heat-sensitive substrates.

  • 3SR (LESCO)
    Small laboratory curing system for 3D and non-flat substrates.
  • Spinster (LESCO)
    Total spin curing technology for containers.

  • Retrofit
    UV curing systems, and LED's that can be added to existing curing ovens.

  • Tornado (LESCO)
    High-volume 360° container UV curing.

  • ModCure LED
    Modular LED curing systems for retrofit or individual use.


  • Custom
    Curing systems custom designed for all of your applications.


  • Arc (LESCO)
    Mercury Arc lamp spot curing solutions.

    Air-cooled UV LED curing systems.

  • Cool Cure 365/395 (LESCO)
    Full spectrum LED curing systems for all applications.

  • Green Spot (UV SOURCE)
    Mercury arc lamp spot curing system.

  • Super Spot MKIII (LESCO)
    Intense/regulated intensity spot curing system.

  • Spectrum 100 (LESCO)
    Mercury lamps adjustable spot curing system.

  • Super Spot Max/Max HP (LESCO)
    200 watt mercury lamp adjustable spot curing system.

  • Liquid/Fiber Optic Light Guides (LESCO)
    Standard and custom light guides provide you with the perfect light guide for all applications.

  • Radiometers (LESCO)
    UV radiometers to measure UV output for all applications.


  • Spectrum 100 (LESCO)
    Precision UV Spot Curing.

  • Super Spot Max (LESCO)
    High UV intensity at highest regulation.

  • Super Spot Max HP (LESCO)
    Delivers most extreme UV and visible spot area energy.

  • Super Spot MKIII (LESCO)
    Intense spot of UV and visible energy through a light guide.

  • Green Spot (UV SOURCE)
    Reliable answer to today's solvent-free manufacturing environment.


  • CureMax (LESCO)
    Chamber UV cabinet with LED or mercury arc technology


  • Multicure (LESCO)
    Conveyor system with movable lamp heads and many options to keep substrates at very low temperatures.

  • Spinster (LESCO)
    High-volume 360° container curing



  • UltraPak (AETEK)
    Mercury and iron lamps cure widths from 5" to 25"

    Mercury and iron lamp cure widths from 34" to 100"

  • UP Kure (AETEK)
    UV LED lamp heads for curing applications.


  • Porta Cure
    Designed to meet small lab or industrial curing applications; 5 and 8 inch lamp assemblies.

Coating Solutions



  • UV Coating
    Numerous blends for roller and blanket coaters


Universal Paper Feeders

  • UF-2020
    Minimum Sheet Size: 5" x 7"; Maximum Sheet Size: 20" x 20"

  • UF-2430
    Minimum Sheet Size: 5" x 7"; Maximum Sheet Size: 24" x 30"

  • UF-3024
    Minimum Sheet Size: 8.5" x 11"; Maximum Sheet Size: 30" x 24"

  • UF-3040
    Minimum Sheet Size: 8.5" x 11"; Maximum Sheet Size: 30" x 40"

Universal Paper Stackers

  • US-2430
    Universal paper stackers (8.5"x11" to 24"x30" sheet sizes)

  • US-3040
    Universal paper stackers (8.5"x11" to 30"x40" sheet sizes)

Universal Ink-jet Feeder

  • C-9200
    Universal Ink-jet feeder with registering vacuum table.

Press Specialties Solutions Overview

Universal Envelope Feeders

Universal Ink-jet Feeder

  • C-9200
    Universal Ink-jet feeder with registering vacuum table.



AETEK Solutions
Standard and custom shuttered and LED solutions for printing, automotive, flooring, and airplane industries.

LESCO Solutions
UV spot curing and conveyor curing solutions cure inks and adhesives in numerous applications, including within medical device, automotive and airplane industries.