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Specialty Curing Solutions

Porta-Cure System

Porta-Cure Handheld systems enable one person to easily cure surfaces and substrates that for one reason or another cannot be brought to UV curing equipment. A few examples include bathtubs, countertops, pool cues, and flooring that needs to touched up. Porta-Cures are also often used in testing laboratories and for new product development. All Porta-Cure systems contain a medium pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with high efficiency output in the 185-400nm UV cure range. They also feature ozone free lamps; and lamps of various lengths are available for direct interchange to the units.

*Handheld units are also offered in 220V, 50/60Hz configuration

**Optional lightweight electronic power supply measures 7.5" x 10" x 16.25" and weighs approximately 16lbs.

9" and 12" lamp assemblies available. Some configurations require electronic ballast. Consult factory for configuration options.





To learn more about the Porta-Cure System, including technical specifications, please visit our technical library where you can download and print literature.

Port-Cure System

Standard Features

  • Lightweight, fan-cooled handheld lamp assemblies
  • Remote power supply with 8' cable to lamp assembly for maximum operational ease and lamp portability.
  • 120V/60Hz power *
  • Low-cost, dependable power supply
Model Total Wattage Arc length Reflector Geometry Power
Power Supply Weight & Dimensions**
PC1000 1000W 5" NON-FOCUSED 120V/60Hz/12A 50lbs 17"x12"x10"
PC1000F 1000W 5" FOCUSED 120V/60Hz/12A 50lbs 17"x12"x10"
PC1500F 1500W 5" FOCUSED 120V/60Hz/15A 50lbs 17"x12"x10"

Examples of finished products cured with the Porta-Cure:

Examples of finished products cured with the Porta-Cure