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Surface Curing

Because often customers request ultraviolet curing solutions for many different, and sometimes quite unique, surfaces, as well for hard to access application areas, American Ultraviolet, along with our Lesco UV division, has developed floor and handheld equipment designed specifically to cure inks, coatings and adhesives in this situations.

Floor Cure systems cure clear coatings on concrete, marble, and even hardwood floors, and are commonly used in showrooms, manufacturing and processing plants, warehouses, hospitals, assisted living facilities, commercial office space and residential properties – anywhere solid surface flooring needs to look good and last a long time. These effective systems also cure clear coatings on walkways, safety striping and signage, allowing for quick and easy cleanups.

Handheld systems enable one person to easily cure surfaces and substrates that for one reason or another cannot be brought to more common curing equipment, like fiberglass bathtubs, countertops, automotive panels, wires, pool cues, and flooring that needs to be touched up. Our handheld systems are also often used in testing laboratories and for new product development.

We welcome your unique challenges and are confident we have a solution for just about any surface or situation you’d like to cure using UV.

Some of our most popular systems include:

  • Porta-Cure handheld system, which contains a medium pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with high efficiency output in the 185-400nm UV cure range. These systems also feature ozone free lamps; and lamps of various lengths are available for direct interchange to the units.
  • UV Lite 350 a UV handheld ultraviolet light curing system, a portable UV light device that features a rugged, variable electronic power supply that weighs only 10 lbs; a quick disconnect 30’ lamp/power supply connecting cable; and self-diagnostic LED indicators. It also comes with a molded rolling travel case that makes it easy to transport and store.
  • QPC-6 portable, lightweight, all-in-one UV curing system, which features a shuttered, proximity-sensor equipped lamp assembly that assures exposure of only the selected surfaces, while the versatile lamp assembly allows lamp to be mounted parallel, or perpendicular, to the "hockey stick" accessory's direction of travel. The QPC-6 can also be handheld for non-floor applications.
  • DecoRad Floormate UV curing system, which is distributed exclusively by American Ultraviolet in North and South America. The Floormate is CE and TÜV (radiation) approved; has a unique, robust design; is user-friendly; and is very easily maneuvered. In addition, the custom-made travel case protects the system when it's moved from job-site to job-site.

To learn more about the American Ultraviolet Surface Curing solutions, including technical specifications, please visit our technical library where you can download and print literature.