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Disinfection Update - July 2020

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Steffes: N95 Mask Disinfection Project for the North Dakota Department of Health - on a large scale "UV Reactor Zone"

Custom SolutionsThis custom project came to Steffes as a referral from a local volunteer of the Dickinson Rural Fire Department, who was activated by the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDOH). This local volunteer lives in Dickinson, and knew the manufacturing ability Steffes could provide. Due to the shortage of PPE, specifically facemasks, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NDDOH needed a quick way to decontaminate facemasks in clinics across North Dakota. With the experience that Steffes has in the Oil & Gas industry, providing modular separation skids, Steffes was able to design a UVC Decontamination Trailer that can disinfect up to 10,000 masks a day.

At hospitals throughout North Dakota, masks were being consumed, and not being reused, on an average of 16 masks per doctor, per day. But now the decontamination of masks is being done using UVC light for a specific length of time. All masks are labeled and given back to theoriginal user after the decontamination process, which not only helps relieve hospitals of spending on costly PPE, but also helps to prevent the shortage of masks across the region.

Two (2) trailers owned by the North Dakota Department of Health have already been completed, and, with the potential to build four (4) more, the intention is to be able to move trailers from facility to facility across the state to wherever one is needed.

Steffes is a diversified original equipment and contract manufacturer headquartered in Dickinson, North Dakota, with additional manufacturing facilities in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Steffes specializes in the design, manufacturing, and service of products that support extraction and processing for the oil and gas industry. Steffes has satisfied clients throughout North America for more than 50 years, and is recognized as one of North Dakota's top employers. Todd Pringle, with Lumacept Inc. of North Dakota, was instrumental in connecting both companies, and provided the reflective UVC coating for this project. American Ultraviolet was proud to partner with Steffes, and the North Dakota Department of Health, to help protect our frontline healthcare workers during these challenging times.

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