Why American Ultraviolet for Healthcare

Why American Ultraviolet Solutions for Healthcare Environments

In 1960 American Ultraviolet began providing healthcare institutions with ultraviolet germicidal disinfection equipment designed specifically to control the spread of microorganisms. The TB Series wall mount fixture, and other Upper Room UVC Disinfection Solutions we designed and manufactured, specifically for continuous upper air UVC irradiation, are still in in use today, more than a half-century later. These trusted ultraviolet light fixtures effectively inactivate microorganisms in hospitals, prisons, clinics, laboratories, clean rooms, government buildings, and many other environments - any place a concern for disinfection exists.

Additionally, American Ultraviolet manufactures a series of Mobile UVC Solutions, including the ARTZ 2.0®, MRS®, and Blade™, for various applications. Because we designed our first mobile UV solution in 1984, we have tremendous experience in this area - experience we believe will be very valuable to you and your institution.

Whether you require a mobile solution, like the data-logging, WiFi -controlled ARTZ 2.0®, or a smaller MRS system; the handheld, lightweight, Blade; or a more permanent solution, like a Fixed Mount Package, you can trust that American Ultraviolet provides the most affordable, efficient, and effective UV light disinfection solutions for reducing unwanted surface and airborne microorganisms in all healthcare environments.


UVC energy has been shown to be effective against many microorganisms organisms which include:

  1. Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
  2. Clostridioides difficile – spore forming bacteria
  3. Acinetobacter baumannii
  4. Vancomycin resistant enterococcus (VRE)
  5. Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase Producers (ESBL) – gram negative bacteria
  6. Influenza virus (Avian, Influenza A)
  7. Other bacteria, virus, or fungi (please contact American Ultraviolet regarding microbes of specific interest not listed above)

Since 1960 American Ultraviolet has offered the most complete portfolio of UVC germicidal products designed to  improve healthcare environments. We proudly manufacture all of our UV  systems and equipment in the U.S.A.

Review the ATS Labs Report on the Evaluation of Antimicrobial Effectiveness of a UVC Generating Device on Hard Nonporous Surfaces (MRSA and C. Diff). Learn More

Visit the Disinfection Update E-newsletter archives (which begin with March 2020) to read helpful stories about the effectiveness of UVC Disinfection.

None of the American Ultraviolet UVC products detailed above are certified, or approved under any applicable laws, as a medical device, and as such, American Ultraviolet, and its Representatives and Distributors, do not currently intend for them to be used as medical devices anywhere globally. Products have not been evaluated by the FDA.