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Disinfection Update - Summer 2021

Simplifying UVC Disinfection in Healthcare – Fixed-mount UVC – A Cost-effective Solution

What our clients like most about their fixed mount UVC packages:

  1. Custom tailored to budget and application – solution for every budget
  2. Proven efficacy – long-term studies validate process
  3. Automated disinfection cycles – always know when UVC disinfection took place
  4. Reduced shadowed areas – mobile UVC requires several locations
  5. UVC disinfection time savings – UVC coverage requires less time
  6. FTE savings – automated system or simply press the disinfection start button
  7. No Ergonomic complaint issues – no device to move in / out

The Fixed mounted packages from American Ultraviolet consist of a variety of permanently mounted fixtures that can be retrofitted to an existing space or critical area. The systems can be computer controlled, and are designed to be utilized for entire room disinfection before and after gatherings or meetings in highly populated spaces; in between surgeries; and even during surgeries for various orthopedic procedures. The goal is to reduce microorganisms on surfaces and in the air quickly and safely without the need for additional staff.

The system was designed to be modular, meaning the components can be configured to achieve disinfection goals in any space. Labs, isolation rooms, exam rooms, and meeting rooms are all places where a hard-mounted system makes sense.

UVC Fixed Mount Package compared to Chemical Disinfection:

It is important to note that UVC is an adjunct cleaning technology, and surfaces must be free of dirt, dust and debris before UVC can be fully effective.

  • Chemical disinfectants require all surfaces to be contacted and kept wet for a specific time (often 10 minutes dwell time required) to meet manufacture guidelines
  • Chemicals rely on staff to create the proper mix or dilution
  • Use of disinfectant solutions can cause neurological, eye, skin, and respiratory disorders
  • Disinfectant solutions can bind with cleaning tools and diminish efficacy and reliability.
  • Use of disinfectant solutions can shorten the lifespan of medical equipment & devices.
  • Chemicals are expensive and can be short in supply.

Advantages of UVC fixtures - they cover the entire space and create an even disinfection footprint.

  • The cycle is timed and delivers a consistent UVC disinfection dose every time.
  • Motion sensors protect occupants from accidental exposure.
  • UVC Fixtures have monitored lamp output ensuring optimum performance.
  • UVC has no harmful effect on room equipment
  • Typical lamp life is two years, keeping the fixtures clean is the only maintenance.
  • No additional staff is required.

Fixed-Mount Package Hardware – A Breakdown of Components: "Plug and Play"

UVC fix mount examplesEach fixture plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of the room. We use a combination of direct and indirect fixtures to disinfect the air and surfaces. 

Direct: Surface-Mounted fixtures: Applied for surface and air disinfection - proper level is set by the touch-screen controller; each fixture has a lamp intensity monitor and motion sensor; number of fixtures depend on size of room.

Indirect: Wall-Mounted upper air disinfection units: applied for upper air disinfection with a concentrated beam of energy creating a high intensity crisscross at the laminar flow discharge, enhancing the performance of the laminar flowsystem; includes a lamp intensity monitor and motion sensor; generally, 2 fixtures per room installed on adjacent walls.

Indirect: Door Barrier fixtures create a continuous "curtain" of UV energy at the entrance(s); include lamp intensity monitor and motion sensor. Available in 3-foot and 2-foot fixture lengths.


UVC accessories examplesTouch Screen Controller (HMI): Provides constant communication with all of the fixtures providing automated daily cycle; operator selects either procedure or disinfection mode; complete data logging with maintenance reminders and internal diagnostic functions

"UV in Use" Safety Signs: Lighted signs when UV lamps are in use; available in single or double-sided, and ceiling or wall-mounted for increased visibility.

Wireless infra-red Radiometer: Measures UVC energy, and calibrates the system to ensure proper performance, establishing correct intensity level for use during procedures; communicates wirelessly with all fixtures in the space

Training: Includes full day training for all staff with three (3) forty-minute sessions each; separate EVS, Infection Prevention, Maintenance, and Admin staff sessions; written Policy and Procedures


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None of the American Ultraviolet UVC products detailed above are certified, or approved under any applicable laws, as a medical device, and as such, American Ultraviolet, and its Representatives and Distributors, do not currently intend for them to be used as medical devices anywhere globally. Products have not been evaluated by the FDA.