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Disinfection Update - Winter 2021

Safe and Effective Upper Room UVC

Add safe and effective Upper Room UVC protection for occupants in indoor environments, and in all spaces that benefit from additional air disinfection.

Safe and Effective Upper Room UVC Protects Occupants IndoorsIn healthcare buildings, educational facilities, offices, and many other environments, occupants share spaces where the air is provided by the air conditioning system. Building codes, and design standards, call out for specific air changes and air filtration to make indoor environments "safe" for individuals. This control strategy is based on capturing a certain amount of air and returning it through the HVAC system, where it is then diluted with fresh outside air, and filtered through particle filters to remove contaminants.

But what happens when infected people enter spaces, spreading disease via bioaerosol generation - coughing, laughing, sneezing, and talking without a face covering?

The air becomes contaminated, and the air exchanges and filtration via the HVAC system may not be sufficient to help "cleanse" the air. Contaminated air lingers, and the potential for others in the space to become ill significantly increases.
The CDC, WHO and ASHRAE have been very clear on their guidelines for helping improve indoor environments, and one recommendation is the addition of upper air UVC to safely disinfect in-room upper air spaces.

The mechanics on how these systems operate are easy to understand. The HVAC system removes, filters and re-supplies air into the space, creating air currents that mix the room air. Additionally, the natural convection created by body heat emitted from occupants, movement by the occupants, and any supplementary air mixing from ceiling fans, or auxiliary filtration devices, will cause the air to rise into the upper portions of the room, and into the UVC disinfection zone.

Creating a UVC disinfection zone in the upper room (when designed and installed properly) will not expose occupants to the UVC energy while inactivating the microorganisms passing through this zone. Adding upper air UVC fixtures is especially useful in high traffic areas with limited outside air mixing, and low air exchange rates. Air exchange rates are defined as air changes per hour (ACH) by the HVAC system. Adding upper room UVC can be equivalent to 10-20 air changes per hour, or more, which greatly enhances the indoor air quality via the reduction of harmful microorganisms.

To learn more about Upper Air UVC disinfection please click here. Our Applications Specialists are ready to help you find the proper upper air disinfection product to add additional safety to your indoor environment.

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