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Disinfection Update - Summer 2022

The Need for Standards on UVC devices continues – an update on ASHRAE initiatives

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Clear the air on COVIDASHRAE standards and guideline project committees on UVC applications have been working to provide the consumer and manufactures with useful information and Methods of Test to evaluate various products with respect to air and surface disinfection. The most recent standards committees, which are in progress, are addressing methods of testing for devices that remove microorganisms from the air and from surfaces. Let us take a closer look at standards SPC185.3, SPC185.4, and Project Guideline Committee GPC37.

ASHRAE SPC185.3 Method of testing in‐room devices and systems for microorganism removal or inactivation in a test chamber purpose is to establish a method of testing for evaluating in‐room devices and systems for commercial or industrial consumers for microorganism removal, or inactivation in a test chamber. The goal of this standard is to establish minimum performance specifications for the equipment required to conduct the tests; define methods of calculating and reporting results obtained from the test data; and establishing a reporting system applied to in‐room devices and systems covered. The value of this standard is significant as there are currently no such testing standards available. Currently, consumers must rely on sales literature and product testing performed by manufacturers, which often does not reflect proper device testing, but is rather limited to reviewing a "glossy brochure" that presents a product in its best light.

ASHRAE SPC185.4 Method of testing In-Room Ultraviolet Devices and Systems for Microbial Inactivation on Surfaces in a Test Room began meeting in early 2022. The focus of this committee is to develop a Method of Test to evaluate specifically surface disinfection applications using germicidal UVC products, however, the range of wavelengths considered is more expansive from 222nm spanning into the visible range of 405nm. This method of test is inclusive to the various products that claim germicidal surface disinfection properties, and will provide consumers a standardized approach allowing comparison to other products.

ASHRAE Guideline Project Committee 37 (GPC-37) Guidelines for the Application of Upper-Air (Upper Room) Ultraviolet Germicidal (UV-C) Devices to Control the Transmission of Airborne Pathogens "These guidelines will provide information on the state-of-the-art for the application of upper room UVGI air-mixing systems in the indoor environment for airborne pathogen transmission control. Guidance will include when, where, why, and how to apply these systems, and how to maintain and operate them with safety in mind for humans, animals, and indoor plants." This Guideline should go out for public review in Summer 2022.

American Ultraviolet will keep you posted on the progress of the various standards and guidelines, and also include updates in upcoming Disinfection Update Newsletters.

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