UV Lamps

American Ultraviolet is a provider of Quality UV Lamp for many applications and many types of UV Curing Systems. Our Lamps are made in the USA with the highest standards of quality control. UV Lamps are guaranteed for 1000 hours of operation. With more than 50 years of data collecting, we can cross reference many UV Lamp Part Numbers. We carry UV system bulbs for:

AAA PressNordsonArpecoAveryBrewer SystemsECS SystemsheraeusGallusGEWDr. HonleISTKaseMark AndyXeric WebOlecTec Lighting

We also carry: Aetek, Dorn, Eye Ultra Violet, KoPack, Metal Box, ON-Line Energy, PIC, Sanki, SPE, UV Research, UV Ray, UVT, VTI, Wallace Knight, AND much more!

For UV Systems suppliers not listed, we take working samples and generate replacements within one week.