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American Ultraviolet offers several standard and custom UV solutions for food processing applications, including:

GRMT SeriesGRMT Series fixtures, which have been recently redesigned, provide a stainless steel chassis with a polished aluminum reflector. Guard rails, moisture proof lamp connections, and shatterproof coating on all of the lamps comes standard for the GRMT series.  These fixtures, which are available in all voltages, can be mounted on walls, ceilings, over conveyors, or in moist areas where surface disinfection is needed.

HVAC CE SeriesCE Series fixtures that can accommodate from 1 to 4 lamps, and are available in widths up to 60 inches. These fixtures, complete with UV lamps, can be placed over and under conveyor lines to reduce any mold or bacteria from food, films, or container surfaces, prior to packaging. If the application calls for a custom solution, our engineering department will design a system specifically for your facility or production line with a UV dose targeted to achieve a significant reduction of pathogens. Destroying mold and bacteria on the product, and from packaging material, has been shown to dramatically increase the shelf life of certain products.

HVAC DC SeriesIn-Duct DC series fixtures are ideal for processing and packing areas. They can be installed in the HVAC system, or supply ducts, to reduce or eliminate mold and bio-film build-up on the cooling coil, and in the air flowing through the system.

TB/RAM SeriesTB and Ram Series fixtures can be mounted in gowning, packaging, and processing areas to eliminate or lower the levels of airborne microorganisms in the space.


All American Ultraviolet systems can be designed for any electrical supply configuration. Our standard and high output low pressure lamps have less than 8 grams of mercury, and a useful life of up to 18,000 hours, depending on the application. Our shatter-resistant coating is standard for all our food processing and packaging applications. For applications requiring a higher target dose, we can also offer amalgam and medium pressure lamp technology.

To learn more about our Food & Beverage Processing and Packaging equipment, including technical specifications, please visit our Technical Library where you can download and print literature.

Prolonged, direct exposure to UVC light can cause temporary skin redness and eye irritation, but does not cause skin cancer or cataracts. American Ultraviolet systems are designed with safety in mind and, when properly installed by a professional contractor, do not allow exposure to UV irradiation and allow for safe operation and maintenance.